Scottish Circuit Event 1 Monifieth

The first Circuit event in the Scottish Championship for season 2016/17 took place on Sunday 18th September at David Lloyd, Monifieth. Fourteen players contested the competition, 8 from DUTFC and 6 from GTSA. Two players, Dave Minty and John Mathieson were making their Circuit debuts.

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Two important changes had been made to the competition format. Firstly, seeding had been abandoned and replaced by a random draw. Secondly two players would progress from a group to quarter-finals instead of one player progressing to semi-finals. This made for the possibility of higher-ranked players being grouped together and so it was to prove. Steve Bennett, Tom Burns and Malcolm Lees all found themselves in the same group. It might have been expected that Burns and Lees would be fighting it out for second spot but Burns at last recorded his first competitive win over Bennett. It was Burns and Bennett who made the quarter-final draw. Gareth Christie, Andy Beskaby and Rob Conway were drawn together and with Christie winning both matches it was Conway who edged out Beskaby by a single goal. Elsewhere there were few surprises but John Mathieson was a goal away from qualifying after an excellent 1-1 draw with Dave Gladman.

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It was Bennett, Christie, Burns and John Halpin who made it to the semi-finals. This was Halpin’s best ever Circuit performance. He had taken advantage of a favourable draw winning a group which contained the two newcomers as well as Dave Gladman. He had a fine win in the quarters, however, coming from behind to defeat Rob Conway. In the semi-final Halpin held Burns until half-time but then lost his way in the second half. In the other semi-final rivalry was resumed between Bennett and Christie with Christie showing that he still has the upper hand.

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For Tom Burns it was one of his best Circuit performances. With victory over Steve Bennett in the bag he couldn’t quite match current Scottish Champion, Gareth Christie and lost the final 2-0. Bennett overcame Halpin for third place. All the results and the ranking list can be found by clicking here.

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