Championship Format

The Scottish Championships are decided over the course of the season based on results from four tournaments. Each one is hosted by one of the clubs.

Sunday Oct 18

Sun Nov 15

Sun Feb 21

Sun Mar 20


  1. Sun Oct 18 – Glasgow
  2. Sun Nov 15 – Arbroath
  3. Sun Feb 21 – Glasgow
  4. Sun Mar 20 – Arbroath


All events are groups and knock-out format with additional play-off games to give all competitors a final placing on the day (ie. 3rd place play off etc).

50 points are awarded to the winner of each event, 45 for 2nd place, then 42, 40, 38, 37, then decreasing by 1 for each subsequent placing.

Season Rankings and World Cup Qualification

The best 3 from 4 events will go to a player’s total points, and this will form the final Scottish Championship table – to be used for qualification to the World Cup in 2016.