STFA History in Brief

The Scottish Sports Table Football Association was formed in 1994 and replaced both the SSA (Scottish Subbuteo Association) and the STSA (Scottish Table Soccer Association).

This followed the formation of the World Association, the Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF), in 1993. This replaced the ETF (European Tablesoccer Federation) and FISA (Federation of International Subbuteo Associations)

The two different sets of rules of Subbuteo and Table Soccer were merged and it is these FISTF rules that are used in competitive STFA tournaments.

The World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association (WASPA) is an alternative worldwide association with few restrictions on the rules you play or the format of your competition.

The STFA is affiliated to the Federation of International Sports Table Football (FISTF).

The STFA Board is run by annually elected volunteers.